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Jan 7, 2018

More Beanies and a Masculine Card

Happy New Year!!

Well, 2018 has taken off with a bang and I can't believe we're a week in already. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and enjoyed time with family and friends. Watching the kids opening their gifts is so enjoyable and fun. It was a good Christmas. 

I thought I would catch you up on some of the projects I've been working on. It seems there's never a shortage of people to make things for, and I enjoy it. Today I have a couple of hats and a card that I made. I feel safe to share the card because I know teenage boys don't follow this blog. Lol. 

First the Card! This one came together super fast. I didn't ink anything, just cut and stick, pretty much. I followed a Youtube Video by Stamps Ink & Paper if you'd like to make one too.

I made this little hat for my 7 month old grandson. I'll be sending it up as soon as I make a few other things.

This one went to my 2 year old granddaughter. I couldn't find a Skye Paw Patrol hat pattern I liked, so I used two patterns to make this one. The Aviator hat from Repeat Crafter Me to make the goggles, to which I added sides. The rest is just a basic hat pattern. I took some flannelette for inside the goggles to give them some depth and just stitched them onto the hat. I also made up the little curly cues for hair at the front and the ears.

I made this hat for another grandson It's a free Whistle & Ivy pattern for a Toddler Trapper Hat. The plaid is actually really easy to do. 

Then this one was for his sister. It was meant to match her coat. It's the Meandering Walk in the Woods Basketweave Beanie by Marie Segares. Sorry about the background. I was in a hurry. These last two were lined with flannelette as they live in a very cold climate (-51 a few times).

This Chunky Fringe infinity scarf was a last minute gift. They worked up super fast. The pattern is a Whistle & Ivy one as well.

I was stoked to get some light up crochet hooks for Christmas. They came in a fancy case.

These are a great gift for me as my husband loves to watch TV to relax. He's a shift worker, so that can be any time of day when he's home. I usually have some light on, and these are great if I just can't see very well, especially if I'm working with a dark yarn.

Well, kind of a long post, but I think that catches me up for a while. I will be doing some painting soon, so will probably be sharing that. 

I hope your year started out fantastic too,



  1. Very clever card Carmen. The rulers look real from straight on.
    Cute beanies. I did not know that light up crochet hooks existed. (But I don;t crochet.) I've often thought I'd like a scissor with a light. And only if we could have see through fingers for when we are crafting!

    1. If only!! Haha...Thanks Krista, I hope you have an awesome 2018!!


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