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May 7, 2017

The Chunkier the Better, or Just Wrap it Up!

Good morning,

And it's a beautiful morning here in the 'Loops! We have clear blue skies, and it looks like spring is well on its way. My lilacs are starting to sweeten the air around here, and my tree is almost ready to blossom. I love this time of year! 

So it seems the crochet bug never really left me. I am really loving the bulky crochet and decided to whip up a hat and some boot cuffs yesterday. I know it's spring and summer is coming, but that doesn't worry me so much. I just like to make things.  I also custom made a wrap which I have written up a pattern for. I think I'll be putting it up on Ravelry when it's been edited and tested.

First the hat; I call it a Chunky Flapper Hat with Bulky Flower. This was a fun one to do up. I love working the bulkier yarns, and I love the big flowers! 

It's a bit overexposed, but I either lost the brown or the white depending on the background.

Then these twisted their way off my hook. I love these because they're so thick and rich and cozy looking. Plus you can dress them up a bunch of different ways; a big button, a bow, some pom poms....it's endlessly fun! 

I'm not sure which buttons to use. Should I go natural, black, or retro?

Finally, last but not least, the wrap I made. This is a special wrap because it was made for someone who cannot wear many of the new man made fibres. This one had to be made of 100% cotton in a smoke free, pet free home. She requested a navy blue, which makes it a bit hard to see, but I will include a few pictures. 

This is the wrap folded up. You could use a bigger button on this, but this one was made to fit into a Triple Crochet space, which I enforced for strength.

Here's a close up of the button. It's kind of pretty! 

This is Diane, aka 'Di'. She has her arm up in this photo, but the wrap sits quite nicely normally. She was smiling so sweetly in this photo that I wanted to use this picture.

This wrap is about 20" wide by 52" long. I thought it would be too small, but it fits well. She claims the stitch I used caused the wrap to sit nicely without stretching out. My DIL (who brought it to her) said she absolutely loved it! Sigh of relief! 

Well, that's it for today. I hope you're all having a sunny day too! 

Handmade Blessings,


  1. All very beautiful and very inspiring work

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Thank you, Christie! You always say the nicest things!!😊

  2. Beautiful. Such nice work. These are a blessing to the receiver. I love, love, love the hat. Just my style. I should learn how to crochet. Did you create the pattern Carmen?
    I like the natural button.

    1. Thanks! Not my pattern, bit it was s free one. I think it may be on one of my Pinterest boards!


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