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Mar 20, 2016

Scratch Play!

Hi there!

Do you want to play?

I do!

On my Facebook page I recently shared a new blog called Daisy Yellow that features an ICAD Challenge. ICAD stands for 'Index-Card-a-Day.'  It's about getting your creative juices flowing and it's coming up soon. I think some of you may enjoy this idea! You can do whatever you want with your index card. Maybe it's drawing, coloring, inking , stapling, sewing or writing a poem or a thought. There are no steadfast rules on what you can do, because art is individual. They do recommend using index cards, as 'simple materials push you to think in new ways.'

I think it's a fun idea.

You aren't required to do it every day, but if you want to, you are challenged to do it for 60 days beginning this June 2016. 

Although I can't play along every day,  here's the index card I did make up. Some of you may remember this technique from your childhood days. I like simple and I used to love doing this when I was young. It's fun and it's rewarding.

Here's a close up

I thought I'd color a few more cards with crayons, and maybe I'll paint them black and scratch play some more later.


I'm looking forward to making up some other index cards as well. It seems therapeutic to me, not just creative. I love to write and sew - maybe I can combine a few mediums and have a little fun with it. Especially since they're so small. This is going to be fun!

Anyway, that's it for today! I hope you have a nice week!


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