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May 27, 2015

Is It Really An Empty Nest?

Okay, so we officially have an empty nest!

To be truthful I feel a bit misleading calling it an empty nest, as we have hardly seen my youngest son Tony in the last few years. So the nest was usually empty, as long as we were awake anyway.

Let me explain; in addition to school and work (through the summers) he did a considerable amount of volunteer work with St. John's Ambulance, Big Brothers, Homeless Youth, Science Camp, etc. He even did a year of youth pastoring at the church where he also led worship many Sunday's.  I'm not sure how he fit it all in, but he was gone first thing in the morning and back late at night. He was either just heading out, or just getting home and tired, or we were already in bed. 

Time flies. After 4 years of university and 2 years of Respiratory Therapy (plus 1 yr through the summer), my baby has left home. Only he's 25 -- and he's not a baby anymore. Now he's starting his practicum in Kelowna, B.C. and will be finishing it in Vancouver, B.C. 

It was a bittersweet moment watching him leave here with his girlfriend Katie by his side. Now they're heading into a long distance relationship, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I love this girl. She is the sweetest, smartest, happiest, kindest girl!! She is perfect for him! She's no slacker either and has a good future planned. I'm happy for both of them.

See that look on his face? My boys do that. They like to tease me by refusing to smile or hug since I'm so needy. So you know, I just steal hugs whenever I can, plus the girls get after them..."Hug your mother!" Hehehe -- I love my daughters! 

                                      She's adorable, right? Enough said!

Yeah, I couldn't help myself. I ran down the driveway to try to get another picture, but I was too late. Kind of sad, isn't it? Of course, it was raining that day.

Then I walked back up the driveway and was faced with this. So I took a picture. Sigh....silly girl.

So here I am a few days later. It's quiet and I can hear the clock ticking the moments away. That's okay. I have a granddaughter to write a letter to, and some leggings to fix for my other granddaughter. There's always something to do and someone to make happy. Life is good and though he will be missed, there's a bright future awaiting him.

So in answer to my Title, yes, it's an empty nest, but it has felt that way for a while. He will still be here in spirit, as are all my boys. The house may feel a little bigger, but only for the little bit of time that no one is here. Now we have 4 boys, 4 girls, 3 grandsons, 4 granddaughters and one more on the way! That's right, my son Mike and his wife Mandy are pregnant! They were in Mexico when they announced it on Facebook. Of course, we knew ahead of time.

Life is full! We are blessed indeed!



  1. You are surely blessed. We are empty nesters also ,but fortunately we see the family often. Great looking photos you've shown! Have a wonderful evening!

  2. What a lovely story of a lovely family. You certainly are blessed.

  3. Carmen, a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Your family sounds very healthy and appreciative of one another.


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