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Mar 12, 2015

Kitchen, Health and Digital Stamp Update!


I thought I'd stop by with some quick updates! I'm so glad it's just about the weekend! 

First the good news! I can walk on my foot now, although I still have problems going down stairs easily. That's partially because of my knees though. I think with a bit of exercise and some heat I'll be right as rain in no time. 

Some more good news; I decided to combine some of my digital stamps into sets and offer them at a discounted price. Sometimes people are looking for a theme or a certain style. So, here are the sets that are available so far: 

Wet Your Whistle

Postage Stamps
They are priced differently depending on how much I usually charge for the singles (if they're available as singles). I have another one called "A Little Whimsy" that I am working on. They are priced at about 60- 65% of the price of the singles combined. Check them out in my Etsy Shop

As for the kitchen -- still waiting. :( Not great news! Getting to be a bee in my bonnet. Good thing I hardly ever put that thing on! Wink wink...

They called me about a 1/2 a week after the install and hadn't even ordered the new counters yet. Then they told me it would be another 3 weeks. Sigh, at least they left the counters that didn't fit 'installed' for now. They even put my tap in backwards, like I was left handed? I thought that was weird. Anyway.

Lol...can you imagine what it would be like if I had no counters at all. Dinner out every night y'all! Woohoo! (as if) Hahahaha....

I've been doing some crocheting lately and made a pair of slippers for my sister. This pattern is a "Two Girls Pattern" from Etsy. I love their patterns. They're up to date and my gauge seems to match theirs. They have lots of cute slipper patterns for kids and adults. 

Here's a photo of the slippers I made. Notice I added leather/suede to the bottoms. I find they last much longer when I do that. 

There's little gold flecks in that black button. Gives them a feeling of happy!

Well, that's it for me today. I've been on my computer all day working on my Etsy Shop and re-arranging things and I really need to get off and make dinner, fold laundry, iron the washed fabric for sewing, etc. Oh...and it's my Mom's 80th birthday this Sunday...will I have time to make a card?

Have a good weekend!!



  1. Glad you are getting better! Cute slippers!

  2. Glad you are feeling some better! Had to go get your rubber boots pattern! Too cute! :)

  3. I thought I'd check in to see how things were going and, well...I'm glad the foot is doing better, but I'm still so sad the counters aren't in. At least God is giving you a great sense of humor through all this. It'll be interesting to see why He's having you go through it all (sometimes we find out and other times we don't). Keep smiling, crafting and enjoying each day we have.

    1. It appears to be taking longer than expected! I hate mess and I like to keep busy. A half done kitchen and a sore foot seem to keep me humble for now. Lol...

  4. I really thought I wrote on here! Must have forgot to click publish! So glad you are doing better. Cute slippers! You do so many cute things! Have a great day!


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