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Mar 26, 2015

Confessions of a Craft Supply Hoarder

I try so hard to be practical, resistant to good sales and self-controlling, but the truth is -- I've slipped up. 

Anyone that has been following this blog for a while knows that I love to make cards, crochet and sew. If you've been around a really long time, you know I've made lots of soap, digitals, some mixed media and altered projects. Did I mention my clays, canvases and teacups? I'm sure I've still left something out. Ah yes, my felted dolls....see what I mean?

I've been very good at storing all of my supplies neatly. Which really just gives the impression of having less. 

So, recently I sold off most of my soaping supplies because I realized that I had to cut back some where. My husband dislikes the strong scents when I make soap, so it was the obvious loser. I love a good bar of homemade soap though! I saved a few basic supplies and I know I can always use Crisco and Olive Oil to make soap. You may think I'm fooling myself, but honestly it's about not having hoards of supplies around 'just in case.' I will use them. 

I guess I've been thinking that way for a while when I came upon a post by Cheryl at "Sew Can Do." Her post about fabric hoarding certainly related to my situation.  If you're having the same problem, check out her post - you may find something helpful there! 

The good news is that I have been doing some of what she mentioned to get my stash under control. 

The bad news? I have a long, long way to go because I have so many crafts I love to do. I still have at least 6 large containers of fabric, at least 8 drawers full of paper, 2 large containers full of yarn, tools and supplies and well, I'll stop there. 

In all fairness, I have given a lot of supplies away, donated some things I've made and sold others. I'm trying, really I am. However, I will not leave myself short. I do plan on creating for the rest of my life! I'm keeping what I truly love and making sure I use it! 

Do any of you find yourself in the same situation? Are you doing anything about it or are you happy with what you have? Do you give it away as gifts? Donate it? 

Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend! 

FYI, I'm working on a digital right now. It should be available for free soon! 



  1. I'm am in the same struggle and I need to do something. Mine is paper crafts...scrapbooking, stamping, card making, 3d paper crafts, paper bead making...and then there's the beading/jewelry making, wire wrapping, nail art (as in fingernails), clay, resin....my spare bedroom turned craft room could rival a Michael's or AC Moore! My poor husband came in one day and I was trying to reorganize, he quietly asked "When did this all come in here?" poor fella!

    1. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious! You better make him something, quick! Last year my husband complained because I have all this paper and I bought a card for his birthday. I didn't have time to make one. I was making other things. Lol...oops!

  2. I could be worse, I suppose--lol!

  3. My dad used to have a saying, "That might come in handy some day." That recording is still in my head, especially when it comes to craft supplies.

    On top of my own arts & crafts endeavours, I teach children and we often do crafts. Every time I toss a toilet paper tube into the bin I hear, "That might come in handy..." That's when I just have to ignore the voice and chuck the darn thing. It takes a lot of paper tubes to make up one craft for 20-30 children and I just don't have the space to store them.

    Yard sales are notorious places for picking up crafts supplies that might come in handy some day. I used to pick up all different kinds of craft supplies. Now I try to get only the things that I know I will use. Well.... at least I think I know that I will use it.... some day.


    1. Lol...yes, I relate. My parents came through the war and so they were very thrifty. I still feel guilty when throwing things away, especially food. I avoid yard sales, but my girlfriend sure gets amazing deals at them. She's a garage sale connoisseur, if there's such a thing. I think it's wonderful that you teach! Such a responsibility!

  4. Now I know why I connected with you right away. It seems every time I see a new craft I dive right in...not with just a "little bit of stuff" but with lots. Ebay and sales are my worst enemy because if I can buy things for a fraction of the cost -- why not get 2 or 3 just in case I use one and can't find it again? When we moved, I did get rid of a lot of fabric--to a quilting group that made quilts for children. It does my heart good knowing my craft items are going to good causes. So, do you need any beading supplies? I can send you a package, or two, or three LOL

    1. Yes! That's me too! When I don't buy 1 or 2, I always end up needing more and then it's not available. It's the worst! No...no more supplies...please!! I collect those very well on my own! Lolol.....

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with tons of craft "stuff". The worse offender has to be scrapbooking and card supplies. Then I added sewing supplies and fabric, Knifty Knitter hoops and yarn, etc... Don't know why I've held onto cross stitch supplies, and I can't see well enough to do that anymore. The worst part is that I have two chronic illnesses, so I can't do near as much as I'd like, but I can sure dream it in my head! lol.. Just finished altering my cricut boxes into pencil boxes for a kid's charity, and a friend and I are sewing lap quilts for a children's charity, so that is taking care of my fabric stash. (slowly but surely)... I can ususally only get a couple sewn a month; she sews much faster! But the scrapbooking stuff is the worst! If I was smart, I'd use my stamp sets, and then part with them. I do like the digis; they take up so little space!!! It's just so hard to part with any of it! :)

    1. Oh boy...another craft supply hoarder! Lol...I too have embroidery supplies, brazilian embroidery which I can no longer do. I love the lap quilts idea...great way to use up some fabric! I have lots of scrapbooking stuff too but it's on the backburner right now. As for stamps...don't even get me started. Ooh boy! Why do we do this? Lol...


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