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Dec 1, 2014

A Christmas Gift a Grandparent Will Love!!

A few years ago I made up a book for my parents and my inlaws of their grandbabies as a Christmas gift. Both sets of parents just loved them and so every year at Christmas time I add pages to their books.

This year we had two more babies born so I made up three pages. Two for the one set of parents and one for the other set, since one of the babies was my sister's grandson and therefore only applied to my side.

It's an 8X8 book, which is perfect for the size pages I wanted to make, and I usually make them fairly simple. The point is to get all the information in there along with a photo.

Since some of the kids were already teens or young adults at the time, I added a page beside their baby page with a photo of them as teens, and something about them. For example, on one of my sons pages I added his poetry. My nephew was really into Soccer, and his name had that meaning, so I added a soccer themed page for him, etc. So there are quite a few pages.

Here are the pages I did up this week:

This one is of my grandson who was born in the Spring. As you can see, I blanked out the info for this post.

This is my sister's grandson...my 2nd nephew or my great nephew(?). These two are almost a couple of months apart. It's too bad we don't live closer together because these two would've been good friends.

Then I added them to my parents book! As you can see, it's getting rather full!

Blessed indeed. :-)

We will be giving my in-laws theirs when we go to visit this December.

Have a good day!


  1. Sounds like a great gift. And what a cute grandson you have!! Grandchildren are the best!

    1. That's for sure, Teresa! Love all those little cheeks!! :)

  2. Very nice Carmen. I like your composition idea--esp adding an update if the child is older. It is a treasure.

  3. Precious! Of course Grandparents will love it!!!


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