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Nov 14, 2014

Chilly Kitty!

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

As it turns out, we have a lot of Birthdays close to Christmas time. I surprised myself when we did our first bit of Christmas shopping yesterday. That's got to be a record! Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and closing in on us, but first I still have a few other projects to finish --

So hold on Christmas!! 

Does anyone relate to that sentiment? 

I've been working on some Hello Kitty Headbands for my granddaughter's birthday, which is next week. These are quite adorable and I think they'll be cute on her and her friends. I have seen several on the internet, but none with instructions. 

I bought the felt from our local Fabricland, which was cheaper than buying the individual felt sheets, and it's nicer thicker felt.

The Hello Kitty ears were a 5 x 2 inch rectangle which I rounded into a pointy oval. 

The Bows were a 4 x 2 inch rectangle on which I rounded the corners to make a boxed circle.

The Bow bands were 1/2 x 2 1/4 inch.

I bought the hair bands at the dollar store. 

Here's a photo of the ear placement. I just glued the ears with kids glue onto the headbands and held them in place for a bit. 

I took a bit of thread, made a few bends in the center of the bows and then sewed them into place. It was quick and easy. Then I sewed the little band around it with a few stitches. 

I stitched the bows onto the front of the right ear once the glue was good and dry.

And here is the finished project:

I made six in total and I think they'll look adorable on those sweet little 4 year old girlies!

Have a good day! 


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