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Sep 30, 2014

A Squirrely post with a Digital Stamp Freebie!

Good Day!

Is there any better indication that Autumn is in full swing when the trees sway back and forth and an array of colorful leaves saunter through the air? It is such a beautiful time of year! It's been fun walking in the park with my bestie while taking in some of the changes that are happening...much too quickly, I might add. I love the Fall, but I know winter is just on my doorstep.

First I'm going to share my freebie with you and then a few photos of what's been happening. :) 

This image was inspired by Gingermelon's Peek a Boo Pals. I've been making these for my granddaughters and I think they're so much fun to make!! There's a link to her Etsy Shop on her blog.

Here's a peek at the two I've made recently. They still need bows in their hair and around the neck. 

Aren't they just adorable? The hats are removable. I thought I could make one plain and then make some clothes for her that the kids could put on her. In fact, I want to make a few more ALL of these!!

I've also been crocheting some hats...

This is the Payton Cloche Hat. The pattern was created by The Velvet Acorn. The original has velvety ribbons in place of the buttons. However, I was asked to make it with buttons, which is also super cute!

This is a My Little Pony Hat I made for my granddaughter. The pattern is from BriAbby if you'd like to make your own. This one was a request, but it kind of freaks me out because of those big eyes. I still think it's adorable though. :)

Remember the walk in the park I told you about earlier? Well, I had a little visitor...I think he was looking for food! 

I love the last picture especially. The caption should read, "Got any food?" That's what he was looking for. These guys are so tame. A lot of people must feed them. Adorable little guy! 

They sure can be noisy though...sometimes I hear them squeaking loudly in the trees when we walk by. Mischievous little things.

Well, that's all for today! Have a wonderful Autumn-y week.



  1. Carmen I love your hats! And your stuffies with the hats, but that little squirrel is just too precious :)

    1. I know hey? I love the way he has his head sideways like he's questioning what the hold up is! Where's the food!!

  2. Thank you for the cute digi! Your hats are adorable! That squirrel is so darn cute!!! :) Thanks for making me smile!

  3. You make so many cute things! Thank you for the digi!

    1. You're welcome! I wish I had more time to make things and post them on the blog....life is just getting so busy!! :)

  4. Wow! Just found you today! Love your Digi's. Is it okay if I make a card and share it on Youtube? Ill link them to your page.
    Those foxy bears (teddy bears) are too cute :) Thank you so much for the free stamps, really helps us who don't have the means.

    1. Sure, that's just fine, and I'd love a link to my page! Thanks! :)


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