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Jun 19, 2014

Going on a Journey?

I'm exhausted!

BUT, I have emptied out and cleaned a ton of closets and drawers in the last week or so, and that feels sooooo GOOD. 

I've learned a few things about myself in the process:

1) I'm a hoarder of empty bottles and empty containers, boxes, bags, etc. 
2) I also have a ton of near new and brand new tablecloths, and that's perplexing considering I don't use tablecloths.
3) I never throw away old cameras.
4) I never throw away old prescription glasses. 
5) I need to check my medicine cabinet for expiry dates more often.
6) I tend to keep several copies of some of my recipes. Weird.
7) I have a lot of lined paper. 

I could go on, but I'm tired and I want to show you a card. 

I was in a real rush to make this card and so I totally used a card idea from Stampin' With Julie. Click on the link to see her blog and card.

My girlfriend is moving from B.C. to Ontario and I was meeting her one last time for lunch, so here is the card I made her. 

The bike image is my own digital. It's not available at the moment but the Clock Bike is available in my Etsy Shop.  

It was a quick card to put together and I was happy to get it done on time. The inside mat also has a smaller photo of the same bike in the lower right hand corner. She seemed to like it. 

Well, that's all for today. I have tablecloths to fold. 

Have a good weekend! 



  1. LOL Carmen! OMG Woman - you have nailed my idiosyncrasies to a T! I have a drawer of really nice table clothes - haven't used one for 35 years or more. This hoarding of empty containers is disturbing too... what's with that? Another one I have is two drawers full of socks - most of which I will never use - they are too tight around my ankles and cut off my circulation. Heavy sigh. Guess I will go clean some drawers too. Naw... think I will make a card instead - I have your 'Clock Bike' and your card is pushing my creative button!

  2. LOL Ginny! That is probably my favorite comment to date! I have a tendency to hang onto socks too....I just gave some of my tighter fitting black ones to my son and I have finally thrown out the ones with holes in them. My mom used to darn socks, so I guess I was subconsciously hanging onto them just--in--case--- like that'll ever happen! Glad you liked the card! :)

  3. Funny how we are all so alike - I hang on to socks with holes too, as well as empty bottles, and oh so much stuff I need to just destash! Carmen, you just inspired me! BTW I love that masculine card!!!

    1. Lol...well it's good to know I am not alone! I am so happy I destashed, but it was sooo hard. It's funny how we want to hang onto completely useless things. Maybe we should start a support group? Lol...


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