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May 26, 2014

A Little Butterfly Tutorial

Good Morning,

I hope your day is looking a little brighter than ours. It's still nice out here, but definitely overcast. On the bright side, the birds are chirping, the garden is growing happily and the butterflies are flitting about. It's a good day. 

My girlfriend has butterflies that come up on her screen with some fairy type music when I email her. It's fitting because I love butterflies. I've been playing around a bit with some free printables. These would be great on cards, in your scrapbooking or as a decoration.

Yes, I have butterflies stuck to my craft room cupboards with zots...a little crazy, but it's me.

Anyhow, here's what I made. That's little Bella's head of hair with the butterfly. She's a surrogate grandchild, aka my DIL's sisters' daughter.  :-)

I think they're adorable and I made a bunch. I'm enjoying making them so much that -- well -- you'll see -- it's a little addictive.

You don't need much either:

Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Butterfly Printables

I took a foam brush and brushed the mod podge onto the acrylic.

I'd already cut out some printables leaving a bit of the cardstock on -- it just makes more sense then carefully cutting them out twice.

Next pick out your butterflies. I'm using up some leftover acrylic pieces, but you could do a whole page at a time if you want.

Place them face down on the mod podge. Using my finger I rub over them for a bit while they're initially drying so that they stay down well.

Here's the other side while still wet. You can see it looks cloudy at first. They take an hour or so to dry.

These guys were already dry, so I'm showing you these. Notice the ones on the bottom were printed onto vellum instead of cardstock. 

There are pros and cons with using the vellum. It's nice that the pattern is visible on both sides, but the streaks of the mod podge show up a bit on the vellum and the colors aren't as bright. They still look nice though.

Here are a few finished ones. Some with hairpins, some without. The left two are vellum.

Here's the rest of my stash waiting for some acrylic. Addictive I tell you.

I used some laminate on a couple of the butterflies, but I found it left more of a dull finish. For the little bit of time it saved, it wasn't worth it. The acrylic is definitely the way to go. 

Oh and look what I got at a garage sale yesterday for a toonie and a quarter! ($2. 25)

Yay Me  I love it 

Well, the rains are starting outside. I'm so glad I got my peppers, parsley and sage planted today. I'm so excited about our garden this year. 

I may be dutch, but I'm truly not much of a gardener. However, I became aware of Monsanto and all the GMO's (genetically modified organisms) it's literally trying to force down our throats, so I decided we had to grow our own organic garden.

Did you know that GMO's cause many allergies? No wonder people are allergic to everything these days. Also, their seeds produce food with seeds that do not produce anything, If you care about what goes into your body, you should really check it out.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Have a healthy, happy day ~


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  1. Great tutorial--thank you. Love your bone shaker bike!


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