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Jan 26, 2014

Life is Made of Moments Like This!

Hi there! 

Not to complain, but I haven't been feeling well because of the air quality around here. We have mountains around us and so the clouds tend to sit over the valley and cause problems. We also have some industrial issues that affect the air...so I'm hoping that will pass soon! I've been staying inside a lot!

I had a few cards to make up for this month and next month. I made this one for my Dad who is turning 80 early February. 
I made some tiles with my Memory Maker square punch and distressed them with ink. 
I cut out all the background papers in the size I needed:
Brown=6 2/8" X 4 3/4"
Ruled =6 1/8" X 4 1/2"
Red = 6 1/8" X 2"
Brown= 6 2/8" X 2 2/8"
Then I put some little screw brads in the corners of 3 of the tiles.
I found this package of sticky stitches in my stash. I don't even know if you can still get them, but it was so easy to use. Just stick and cut! 
I added this little 'propeller' to the photo of the jet signifying the growth of that industry.
There are all the tiles adhered to the red background, which was then glued to the brown background piece. Note the propeller isn't on there yet...yep, I pulled it off and glued it back. That happens at least once every time I make a card! 

All of it was assembled and put on a pre-made card  from Michael's with more brads and tape. I also added more of the sticky stitches on the bottom portion and used my own writing and a rub on for the sentiment.
I started with the Penny Farthing, which I'm sure he remembers as a child. My intention was to highlight the boat since immigrating to Canada so many years ago was a major milestone in our lives. Then of course there were cars and finally jets. He's seen a lot in his lifetime! 

Now I"m hoping he doesn't see this card before his birthday as he is just getting the hang of a computer. Knowing him, he will do very well with it. 

He's not a weak old man...very spry with a sharp mind. He still grows a big garden every year and looks after my mother as well as travelling distances to visit the kids, go to concerts and go shopping as he lives in a small town. Quite the guy! 

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to make some more cards!



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