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Dec 9, 2013

Stitches and Wood!

How are you all doing with Christmas this year? I'm finding it's been fun getting ready for Christmas, although it is keeping me busy. I've made a lot of my own gifts, but also a few things for myself.

I love checking out Sarah, at Repeat Crafter Me. Seriously, this girl is a truck load of ingenious ideas, not to mention all the adorable crochet patterns she makes up and offers for free!! In addition, she features tried recipes and kids crafts. Such a fun and informative blog!!

Here is something I gleaned from Sarah recently. Some little clay stitch markers. I forgot how much I enjoy working with clay. I will probably do up some variations of these in the new year because I love them. I think they'll work great for crocheting with. There's a tutorial on her blog on how to make these if you're interested.

While I'm on the subject of crochet, here's some beautiful wood milled hooks I found. I've got my order in and am hoping it arrives soon!

They're made by a guy named Bill at Turn of the Century , who has been making these for over 40 years!! He uses all different kinds of woods...there's purpleheart  brazilian rosewood, African blackwood and more. Just beautiful patterns in the wood too.

A sampling of the hooks he makes:

I seriously cannot wait to see the hooks I've ordered!! 

Well, that's all for today!


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