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Sep 9, 2013

Painted Tray and Organizer Fun

Hi Everyone,

Last night my youngest son (aka Superman) checked out my blog because I told him I was a digital artist for Squigglefly and he was curious about what I drew. As he looked over several blog posts, he mentioned that I write exactly like I speak. Then he started to point out everything I did wrong (while laughing). Hmph! Smarty pants tights!!

Honestly though, I can't fault him for that because he's right. I have become rather slack in how I write on this blog. I am able to write very well when I take the time, but I am just lazy...and well...this is me.

See that last sentence? Superman would be horrified! Lol! (Now look who's laughing!) 

That's not the end of the story. As he scrolls down the page a grin covers his face and he says "I SO saw my birthday card just now." 

Oops...  :-/

I forgot I'd posted it because you know, no one in my family actually looks at my blog! Sigh! 
He celebrates his birthday this week so I just gave him his card early. He'll have to wait for his prezzy though! If he keeps this up it may be kryptonite!

Onto other things. 

A good friend of mine gave me a white tray a while ago. She mentioned I might want to paint it and put photos in it. I've been hanging onto it and finally did something with it this last week. 

There's the white tray. Notice also the wicker & metal three tiered storage unit. I mentioned in an earlier post how I'd picked it up for 2 bucks at a flea market. It was getting painted at the same time.

I took everything apart and prepared them both for painting.  I used chalk paint because it's what I had on hand, plus I like that look.

There's the wicker baskets, the cast iron frame and the tray getting painted. Look how teeny that tray looks!!  Lol...It's sitting on the grass while the baskets are on a table in the forefront. Photo fail!

I've never painted wicker before and it worked out quite well. I was able to get good coverage. 

The organizer now sits on my desk and holds miscellaneous items. 

For the tray I wanted to use burlap, lace, some embellishments, our name and some music paper. 

Our family is very musical.  I've played classical guitar since I was young and my husband and all my boys play quite well.

The eldest son is in a christian band called Hathaway. He is the lead guitarist and he plays on a worship team at his church. 
My second oldest son plays guitar for fun. 
My third son plays lead, bass, some keyboard and drums. He leads worship at his church. 
My youngest son plays lead, bass, keyboard and drums. He also leads worship at his church. 
Like I said, very musical! :0)

I took the music paper and distressed it with Antique Linen.

I love this ruler cardstock and wanted to incorporate it as well. I decided to place our name on it. 

There's some lace attached to the bottom of it. 

The rest of the project was very straightforward. Here it is without the glass on it. I used  lace, a paper chandelier die-cut, ruler cardstock with lace, some flowers, a black beaded flourish, a leaf (I inked the sides of it with rusty hinge to try and make it stand out a bit more) and a music note brad.


Putting it together was a bit touch and go. I tried to keep the embellishments as flat as possible so I wouldn't add too much bulk. Here is the back of the tray after I've put all the screws back in. They're flush and I think it's still pretty strong, plus I didn't crack the glass at all. Yay!

The finished tray!
I think it turned out okay and it looks good on my coffee table, even if I do say so myself. :0)

I was very happy to get these done. I really hope to make my own Christmas gifts and cards this year and I want to get started on them soon. 

Well, have a good week! I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again as this will be a busy week for me. My mother is having hip surgery out of town, so we will be with her.



  1. Always love seeing cast-offs made new. Beautiful work, Carmen! Love the choice of black on the 3-tiered basket organizer, too, because it makes the colors of everything in the basket really pop. Nice going....

  2. Liking the new look. Great job on the makeovers.

  3. Great job on your projects! They turned out gorgeous! Hope your mom's surgery goes well, and she has a quick recovery!
    I don't see anything wrong with the way you post on your blog; always sounds fine...Kids love to poke fun! :)


Thanks for the comments!