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Aug 6, 2013

Summer Crafting Fun!


So I know it's been a while and I'm not going to make any excuses but to say that I am just busy and enjoying the summer, which has been extremely HOT here!

I have been playing a bit though!

#1 Crochet

I found a free pattern on the web for this Mini Owl Tote. I thought my granddaughter might use it...though she's really more of a tomboy, so maybe I'll just sell it or give it away. 

Here's the link to the pattern by Love 2 Bloom. I really do appreciate her giving away the pattern for free. I have to tell you that I did make quite a few adjustments to the original pattern as it wasn't working out for me (in case you go and try to make it yourself).

I still want to make the tote smaller or the eyes bigger. For the eyes and nose I used a pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.

I thought it turned out okay  in the end. It's cute, right? 
I'm also making some Premie Beanies to donate to the hospital. I've made two so far, but have only photographed the one below. 
I also got ambitious and made a Mega Doily Rug/Blanket. I thought it would be cute in a baby room. 
 I used super chunky yarn with a K hook. It's soft and cozy to the feel. 

#2 Friendship Bracelets

I made some Shamballa Bracelets for my granddaughters in Fort McMurray. If you want to make your own, they take about 15 minutes. Check out this Youtube video.
I then made a hemp bracelet for their brother.
All of them are adjustable.

#3 I-Spy Game

These little pencil cases make great I-Spy games for different ages. First fill the bags with pony beads.

Then add some toys, pom poms, flowers, puzzle pieces, the first letter of their name, etc. You can write out a list of what's in the bag so they know what to look for, or for younger kids you can take a photo of what's inside for them to find.

Here's a list of what went into the bags. Some items were in both bags, some in only one: pom pom, sucker, spool of thread, snowflake, puzzle piece, mushroom, clothes peg, button, flower, panda bear, googly eye, bow, candy, jingle bell, screwdriver, hammer, leaf, wrench.

Now just add your items to the pony beads and sew the bag shut. I took a photo of what's inside so they know what to look for. I ended up printing the item list off and folding it up to fit inside the zipper. These ones are made for kids 5 and under. My grandkids loved them!
It'll help keep them entertained in the car. Always a good thing!

Well, that's my summer post. Lol...

Life gets busy for me in the summertime.

Enjoy yours!
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  1. You are so creative!!! Wonderful and cute creations!

    1. Aww, thanks! I really have to get back to cardmaking though...Christmas is coming! ;)

  2. So fun and so CUTE!!!! Great ideas too!


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