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May 1, 2013

What Do You Keep in Your Wallet?

Hi there!

First things first....

Yesterday I whipped up a batch of homemade Nestle's Toll House Cookies without the nuts. My plan was to give them to my secret pal. Great plan, except I had nothing to put them into! 

I took a trip to one of the local Dollar Stores and found a glass jar to put them into. Now all I had to do was decorate the jar...but I really had very little time. Luckily I found some printables! 
I ran them off on Kraft Cardstock and stuck them on with double sided tape. Here's the back:
I'm pretty sure that's correct! Then I added a little tag for fun!
I wrapped it up and brought it to our venue. Lots of fun!! She loved the cookies. She sat and talked with me and ate about 4 of them, but this lady is generous....she offered one to everyone there. My DIL took one happily...she knows I baked them, and being dutch, baking is something I love to do. 

Want to make your own? 
Energy in a Jar Labels, plus more, from The Gunny Sack! 
Cookies Fix Everything, from Little Pieces of My Life.
Label with the heart is a free printable from Love vs Design.com. The sentiment is a wood stamp I have.

That's not all! 

My Father-in-laws' birthday is coming up! He is a happy fellow with a very good disposition who loves to tease. He has happy eyes! I love happy eyes! 

He tells people that it took him a while to loosen me up.

I'll bet he's sorry he did now. I can be humorously sarcastic. I think it's a Canadian thing...not sure.

Some of you have seen my wallet card. 
I took a picture without glue-ing down the vellum. I was checking to see if it fit and decided I would need a  picture. Of course, I didn't notice it was crooked and not glued down. Sigh...only me. 
I put some money in it and looked at it. 

Boring!!! How can I spice it up? It needed some cards!
 I wanted to encourage him......at first.

Then the tease in me took over and in addition to some nice cards, he got a Revoked Man Card, A Super Hero Checklist, and an Emergency Moustache....because you never know when you might need one.  

My intentions were good...honest!

The other cards are personal jokes....I call it dinner, he calls it supper....
Anyhow, this is how it looks now. I had to add a little tag to let him know we love him...in case he wondered.

Oh, and after I licked the envelope I realized I still hadn't glued down the vellum. Sigh...only me. 

Well, now I'm done. Almost

Hope you can use some of those printables, Such awesome blogs and generous bloggers out there!!

Happy Summer Days!! 


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  1. YUM-MY!!!! And that wallet card is fabulous! What a cool card, and all those pockets and the tag! WOW!


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