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May 17, 2013

Shipping with Flair, Edit Fail...

Hi there,

Thought it would be fun to play a bit today. My DIL left a few things behind last time they visited with their new daughter...unfortunately they remembered to take my granddaughter with them. Lol....kidding...

Anyways, I thought 'why be normal when you can be different?' Especially since it only took a few seconds.

I'm a little embarrassed to reveal my lack of photo editing skills, but you're all probably aware of that by now. A little paper sufficed. 

I'm either brilliant, or lazy...

probably the latter.
This should thrill the postman....okay, probably not.

I also finished the hat I was working on. Remember? This one...
Here is it finished...
Then today I made some cards. If you're Janell or Izzy, turn away here....

Turn away! 

Janell is my SIL and Izzy is my sister....they were both married on the same day. Different years, in case you're wondering.
I pretty much threw these together as I've been sick and was running out of time!!
This last one I totally scarfed off of Pinterest....I was really in a hurry!! Isn't that why they're there? (tic) I just used my own sentiment, pencilled it in and went over it with gel pens.

Well, that's it for now.
Have a great day!


  1. If I was the mail carrier, that package would make me happy. Usually packages are so boring. Love the Elmo hat and the cards.

  2. The cards are precious and so is the Elmo hat...WOW!!!

  3. Oh my goodness - my 2 year old grandson would go NUTS over that Hat - his mom and dad took him to Sloan Museum this past month where Elmo was on display - you did a lovely job! Thanks for sharing -


Thanks for the comments!