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Dec 22, 2012

Dinosaurs and Snowmen

It's really snowing here, so I'm staying inside!! 

My husband and 2 year old granddaughter have an interesting relationship. When she sees him, the first thing she does is hold up her little hand like a claw and yells RAWRRR!! He's been growling at her since she was a baby, and she loves it! 

 Lol...so I found a perfect little project to make her.

I used some transfer paper to put this image onto a little shirt for her. 
It's pretty cute, isn't it? That purple shirt is actually really blue...blame the lame photographer...
That took a whole 15 minutes to make. How I love an easy project!! 

Oh, and look what I found hanging around on my table. I don't blame them for staying inside. It looks pretty chilly out there! 
They can be used as gift toppers, attached to the laces of a childs' boots, or as an ornament. So cute! 

Feel like making a few? They only take 15 minutes or so to make and they're very cost effective. I figure maybe 4 cents each if you buy the felt at the dollar store 3 for $1.
Check out the tutorial for the mini snowmen by Onel, at Onelmon

Can't wait to use those candles either. The Frosted Cupcake smells AMAZING! In fact, they all smell pretty good!! Body and Bath Works at the Mall if you're local. 

Well, that's all folks. Hope you're all keeping warm and enjoying something hot to drink!


  1. Love the t/shirt..what a cute story..if you growled at my G/son when he was little he took off and hid under the bed...he's 8 now and over it..but it was funny at the time..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Aww, that shirt is sooo cute! I bet she will love it! Merry Christmas!


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