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Oct 6, 2012

It's Your Birthday!! =D

Aaaand, I'm back!

This is my second post today...make sure and see my first HERE.

So this is a card I made for my mother in law whose birthday is in a few days. Hopefully she's not looking at my blog this weekend. =D

This was actually the second card I made for her since I didn't like the first one that I made yesterday. I'm not sure how much I like this one--but while I'm learning, others will have to suffer along. Lol..
Here's a few close ups...

I had a hard time getting a good picture of this because there's a bit of a sheen on the card. There's lots of texture too, but it is hard to see as well.

This style will be new to my MIL, so it'll be interesting to see what she thinks. (Hopefully she doesn't think I threw it together...because that's FAR from the truth). 

She's an artist, so it's hard to make cards for her.

Anyway, that's all for today! 

I probably won't be posting again for a few days, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all!



  1. Carmen, this is fabulous!!! Of course, she will love it, because you made it for her, but anyway, it's gorgeous and what a fun design! Love that cake!!!

  2. Cool card! Love the butterflies and the cake! I'm sure she'll adore it! :)

  3. Gorgeous card, Carmen! I don't know how your mil felt about it, but I love it. xxx


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