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Jun 15, 2012

Steampunk Free Digi


Two posts within 24 hours. Wow! I can't believe myself...lol!! I'm really not very disciplined when it comes to posting on a schedule or even posting about certain things regularly. Oh well predictability can be boring. Please love me anyway...lol...

Lately I've been showing you quite a few cards and crafts. Today I have a free digital stamp for you. I really felt like doing another steampunk image as I like them and they're interesting to make. If you'd like to see my other steampunk images, just check out "labels" in the sidebar. 

It's a Steampunk Cellphone. I'd be interested to see how you incorporate it into your cards, if you use it.

I don't know how the weather is where you are, but the weather here has been damp and cold! I actually saw some moss in one of my outside planters! Yeeks!

Raindrops just keep falling on my head - reminding me of this oldie!

Hope it's warm where you are!

Tomorrow is my 28th anniversary! Yep, I got married when I was 5. Do the math. :-D



  1. I have just spent forever on your blog! Your images are amazing!!! thank you SOOOO much. Love your work.:)

  2. Okay....I'm puttin' in my order for this to be made up in "real" life....pink, please....haaaa!
    How cool would that be? Love it, love it...thank you so much!

    1. Lol...I wish! My brother makes up his kids cell phone covers. He's an auto painter, so they look pretty original.

  3. Hello!
    Thanks Carmen!~

  4. I absolutley love love love your broken teacup mirrors! Where do you get the mirrors and what glue do you use?
    Have you considered selling them here? I would love to purchase one!

    1. Thanks Priscilla! I use Malma mirrors (from Ikea), and I use crazy glue, hot glue and glossy accents to hold things in place. I have thought about selling. The last one went for $60 in a fundraiser, but if I were to make them for profit, I'd have to charge around $80 to $90 for them...so don't think it's worth it to make to sell...:)

    2. Happy Anniversary!
      I think this digi would be so cute on a birthday card with the phrase Cell phones in the olden days or The first cell phone prototype; something like that! Neat digi! Thank you!
      And hope you had a fun Anniversary! :)

  5. Happy (belated) Anniversary--you young love bird!!

  6. wow carmen! this is one fabulous image. you certainly think outside the box! and then to create it... wow! i'm very impressed!

    hugs :)

  7. Thank you and happy anniversary! :)

  8. This is such a neat digi. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the comments!