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May 3, 2012

Clean, Sweet and Pretty!

It's been a busy week!

I did get a chance to make some soap recently, that I'll share with you. I'm hoping to get a Digi done up soon...and then I'm off and about for a week. It'll be nice to get a bit of a rest, especially knowing there are people at home looking after things there!

Anyway, here are a few soaps.
Some Tie Dye Soaps - reminiscent of the 60's!! 
These smell in-credible! 
The blue one is a Sweet Island Rain scent, the other a Sexy Sensual Amber. YUM! They flew out the door in no time!
These beauties not only look great, but smell like mouth-watering Creamsicle Bars! I should call them "Dreamsicles!" Both these and the Tie Dye soaps are glycerine bars with Shea butter added. Mmmmmm!
How I love the opaque quality of the embeds in this. SO pretty! Not to mention the body safe glitter and fairy dust...
I love sparkly things!

 Don't let this ones innocence fool you. It is one serious bar of soap!
This Cold Process soap has the warm, inviting, gentle scent of Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, but not just any milk - a rich, thick, luxurious coconut milk! You will love this skin-loving bar!! 
Subtle, yet sophisticated!
There they stand, a little swirl of Oriental beige Mica, with some white colorant for some gently added interest. But then, it's all about quality with these hardworking guys! 
They're there to get the job done and leave you feeling soft and clean.
 Just keeping it real!

So, I'm off and running! My company just left and I have things to do, appointments to keep, and maybe I'll even have time for a nap! (lol..you'd think I'm 80!)

Have a good day everyone!


  1. Oh yum! Look good enough to eat, and your descriptions had my mouth watering...haaa! They would definitely make bath time luxurious...go girl!

  2. Wow! Those look stunning! Very beautiful! Have a wonderful day! And I hope you had the time to take a nap, I'm not 80 either and love to take some :)

  3. Oh my, how gorgeous! How clever you are, Carmen!

    Are you sure the 2nd & third lots are soap???? My hubby just looked over my shoulder and said, 'ummm, yummy, they're so good to eat'! He was a little disappointed when I said they're not food!! hehe

    Mandy :)

  4. Awesome looking soaps Carmen...they really do look good enough to eat! Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such nice comments!

  5. Look good enough to eat, fab soaps that would make gift giving a breeze!

  6. Your soaps are incredible, Carmen. They leave me drooling. I absolutely adore handmade soaps. They are a tiny luxury well worth having. Due to allergies I can't have the scents. :( Takes some of the fun out of it, but the luxurious soaps still feel great even when they aren't scented.

    It's no wonder you need a nap. You're always busy. :) Sweet dreams!!!!

  7. Sweet Island Rain, love that name :) your soaps look heavenly!


Thanks for the comments!