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Feb 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Freebies

Hey there,

I've noticed that there really isn't a lot of St. Patrick's Day Sentiments to be had, so I'm sharing a free font with you today. 

It's called 'Leprechaun Hats', and it can be found at Artsy Lady. It's just lettering...but the capital letters have little leprechaun hats on them. Very cute! See it used below.

As for St. Patrick's Day images, I shared a couple of clover/shamrock pins along with some other pins a few days ago.

Then there's these...

Some pots, rainbows and shamrocks for your cards...
Here's a sample sentiment using the Leprechaun Hat font. Go get your own!

I thought it would be easy to add some handmade coins to the Pot of Gold. I have some gold Purdy's paper that would work well.

The clouds would look cute sitting on the bottom of the rainbow, in fact they would look cute on a 'hanging rainbow'. Or perhaps hang the pot of gold on the rainbow...just thinking out loud...

I was going to publish this post after I made a card using some of these images, but lets be honest...you may be waiting another day at least. If I get it made, I'll add it later!

I'm back!
I decided to add some Shamrock Butterflies since I might incorporate them into a card. I know, I know...I'm sorry. I do this to you guys. You'll have to check back sometimes just to be sure you haven't missed anything .
I finally got the card done...I've decided it would work great as a St. Patrick's Day card for the Seniors Card Class I teach. It's not too difficult, and they can have a bit of fun with it! 
I did it in quite a rush, and have since touched up some of the white spots on it...that's the problem with these demo cards, all my mistakes are still on there. 

I just used a 5 1/2 X 4 1/4" card from Michael's, added some kraft stock (5 1/4 X 4) and rounded the edges of both. (The background is not part of the card). I added some detail with some dashes. The rainbow is mine, but I placed one cloud very low on the rainbow, and the other very high...it gives a different effect. I used Purdy's gold paper for the pot of gold loot. Note the Shamrock butterflies too. This was so easy to do! Try it!

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  1. i love those shamrock butterflies .... thank you.

  2. Oh, I love the shamrock butterflies. Thank you.

  3. Hi Carmen, I made a card with your Moving Day image....you can see it here if you wish...thanks for this freebie!
    xxx Margreet

    1. Love it! I posted it on the original freebie post. TFS! :)

  4. These are very cute as usual Carmen you have outdone yourself. Thank you for sharing. I like the leprechaun font also.

  5. Thank you for these awesome St. Patrick's Day images!!! I feel a little computer challenged with this whole blogger thing, but I think I am okay. Thank you for your help!!


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