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Jan 21, 2012

Garden of Love, Free Valentines Digi

Hello Lovelies,

I'm not trying to be fresh...it's just that Valentines will soon be upon us...and I've been in the garden of love. It has that effect on you!  Don't believe me? Here's your own little garden. (I know, I'm a little  wired weird!)

I was planning on actually stitching the lines on fabric and adding heart buttons...then I thought. "Hey!" This would make a cute Digi! And so the Garden of Love was born. 

Wanna color your own?
Or add your own bows?
Okay that's all folks!

Have fun, and show me what you've done! I'll link back to your blog! 

Also, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but a good way to tell where your digi's are from is to look at the name of the digi. Mine all have BTFC somewhere in the name of the digi when you download it. Also, if you run your cursor over an image, it'll often show you the name of it.

Have a good weekend!



  1. Cute images.


  2. Thank you for these and also for your kindness. I love your blog and your digi's. These are going on a card to our soldiers in Afganistan so they can send them back to their families . These are not only great for valentine but thinking of you and birthday. Thank you more than you will ever know. Hugs Cathy K

  3. Thanks for this cute image Carmen!

  4. Thanks Carmen :) these are really cute. I really appreciate that you put your name on them. It makes it so much easier!

  5. Hello to You Lovely Miss Carmen!
    This digi is so darling!! I like your suggestion to add your own bows--pop it out a bit.
    Thank you!

  6. I love your blog. You always have the cutest ideas posted. Keep up the good work. Your artwork and freebies are also great.

  7. You make BEAUTIFUL images - TY so much for sharing! :)

  8. Thankyou so much for all the great Valentines freebies!

  9. What an information-packed post! Thanks for all the links on the Valentine's Day projects as well as for the freebie images.

  10. Lovely images... Thanks for sharing!


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