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Jan 29, 2012

Betsy and Birdie Get Framed!! :0

Hey There!

How are you all doing out there? I want to say a warm WELCOME to all my new followers! I hope you enjoy your visits here! Thank you for following my little spot on the Web!

Today I'm sharing something made by a good friend of mine (who wishes to remain nameless). She took one of my latest images and made something fun with it. No, not a card... a frame! She doesn't have a blog, but has graciously agreed to allow me to share her project here with you!

She started with a plain wooden frame that she got at Michael's, and then took my image of Betsy and Birdie and carbon copied it onto the right side of the frame. Then she painted everything, and this is her completed project with a photo of her beautiful granddaughter. :)
I just love the Prim look to this whole project! Isn't it just adorable? I love this style of work! 

*Please let her know what a talented artist she is. I think she needs some encouragement!

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  1. VERY nice! Love the image and the way she did the heart and photo is just fantastic! Great project!

  2. That frame is great, your friend did an amazing job! Would look good anywhere. Thanks for sharing with us, helps us to think outside the box too. :)

  3. Wow! It's fabulous!!! Looks like a frame I'd walk into a nice shop and buy. (If I could afford it. lol)

  4. Oh yes, well done! It looks very professional.

  5. lovely image and your friend has used it to make a fab frame - a great keepsake.

  6. This is really cute! Your friend may be on to something... :)
    Thanks for sharing

  7. This is really cute! I love how she did the frame, whole project goes so well togethr :)

  8. This is really cute! I love how she did the frame, whole project goes so well togethr :)

  9. Well I think your friends frame is just amazing. What a talented lady she is. Lee x

  10. Thank your friend for sharing her wonderful project with us. Sue

    1. The frame really adds to the "cuteness" of the sheep. ThANk you for posting your friends beautiful project.

  11. Hi Carmen, tell your friend to stop hiding her talent, that frame is just gorgeous!

    I also wanted to let you know I've a post using your steampunk bicycle on my blog if you want to see what I did & feel free to share it on your blog if you wish to.


    Thanks again for your amazing freebies xx


Thanks for the comments!