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Oct 2, 2011

Bat Fold Images for Cards


I'm back! It's been about a week, and I have been crazy busy!!!! Hopefully things will slow down for the next week!

I have some news for you....

It looks like I will be babysitting my grandkids 4 days a week starting next week. This means I will be a little busier than usual, and having to make up some of the time for my regular endeavors in the other 3 days of the week. It also means I will not be able to offer my soap making classes, nor my inking classes, which I mentioned a while back. I will still be offering free digitals - although not as often.

A girl can only do so much! :(

Starting in January things will ease up a little bit as my daughter-in-laws' Mom will be free to switch weeks with me, so that we'll each be doing 2 weeks a month. I will probably do more digitals again at that time.

I have been doing a bit of soul searching lately too and have realized I really want to do more writing. I will be revamping my other blog and working on some more creative writing in my spare time.

Well, that's my news. In the meantime, I have something a little different for you. I am working on a card and have made up a bat shape with folding wings. It's an SVG file, so these can be made big or small, and would look cute as an embellishment on a card. I'll include a photo of the folds, so you can figure out where to fold them. When I get the card done, I'll post it here as well.

*I don't know if Free Digital Stamps will consider these as stamps, so they will probably not show up on their site...therefore please refer your friends to this post on your blogs if you like these little bat folds. They're both the same...I just put two on a page.

I would offer these as cut files, but to be honest - I'm not sure how to do that. Anyone?? I'd love the help!

As you can see, I had initially intended to make a bat card, but changed my mind, deciding it would look better as a card embellishment. It looks pretty cute with the wings folded right in!!

Well, that's all ladies! I'd love to see your cards with some cute little bats hanging on it! Send the link and I'll post it here! :)



  1. Hi Carmen,
    The bat is adorable. Enjoy all that extra time with the grandbabies!!!

  2. WoW!!! This is great! Thank you!

  3. Cute...Inkscape here I come to create a svg file..if all works out I'll post and link..but no guarantee.

  4. I really like this idea...thanks, Dee

  5. It's always good to do some soul searching and make changes in your life, Carmen. I'm praying for you as you settle into these different niches in your life. Enjoy!!!

    The bat is sure a fun idea. Thanks so much. xxx

  6. Enjoy the time you have with your grand kids. Special bonds form that will last for years. Be thankful that you live so close and can help out. Most of my friends parents live too far away to help.

  7. Thank you for the encouragement Bella! :) It may not have come across well, but I'm happy to be babysitting my grandkids. I have kids and grandkids that are far away too, and miss them terribly! I just wanted to let everyone know that I couldn't do what I said I would do...and that makes me feel kinda bad. :)

  8. Thanks so much for the bat. I can use it for my Halloween cards.


Thanks for the comments!