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Sep 3, 2011

This and That

I should be doing my laundry and some cleaning, and putting on my war paint...but instead I am cropping and resizing photos! So, this is a quickie post on some things I've been up to.

First, my Mom was here one day and we did up this card with the balloon pop ups.

I thought I'd just show you the inside, since the outside isn't done yet...someday...yes, I'm a procrastinator.
They're a really simple pop up card. The original idea is Valita's, and HERE are her instructions on YouTube. I created my own balloon SVG file for cutting with my new Lynx.

I also got a surprise visit from my niece and nephew...guess what we did?
Johnny looks happy! Sandra always makes that face by default when she notices people taking her picture. She hates it...and now she probably hates me! :) But just in case, here's a photo of her that she probably likes better. I think she always looks beautiful!
 Anyhoo...They're both extremely creative. It runs in the family I guess...
 This was one of Sandra's backgrounds, and here's the stamp she used with it.
Awesome, or what??
I didn't get a good picture of one of Johnny's, but his were nice too. Sorry! Here are some of the backgrounds I made anyway.
I decided to make two backgrounds on this one using the same colors.
Did a twirly motion to get this background.
I love these Tim Holtz Stamps...they were perfect for this project!
Now to make some cards....soon...I hope...;)
I also made up this one and used a Hero Arts Stamp on it.
These were all done using glossy photo paper that I got at the Dollar Store. It's fun to play with the distress inks and see what kind of designs you can come up with!

I also made up this card for my grand daughter-to-be for her birthday!
It's very sparkly, like her sweet personality! Click on it to see a close up!
It has an acetate window, but it's hard to see. Oh well...hopefully she likes it anyway!

We also babysat our grandkids overnight. That was a lot of fun!! Plus we went to a BBQ with lots of family and friends. It's been busy, but fun!!

Well, I've used up enough time, now I have to rush to get things done! Oh well, it was worth it. Have a good day, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. I always love your work but the pop up balloon card is really darling!! Great job!


  2. It's a pleasure to be at your blog....gorgeous creations and great photo's of your family!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Nice to see that your whole family joins in your creative activities. Love those cards with the alcohol ink backgrounds.

  4. Looks like youve been having great fun with the family. Love your inky backgrounds. Elizabeth x

  5. I like that one with the Hero Arts Stamp on your background! (Actually, I like them all, but that one was my very most favorite on the page.) I, too, love the fact that your family stops by and sits down to do cards. My family works similarly. I walked into my sister's house and by the end of the night, I had beaded a bracelet. Such a special thing!

  6. Hi Carmen! Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog....I really enjoyed using your steampunk balloon, and, of course it's okay to put it on your post....I would be honoured!


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