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Aug 6, 2011

Learning Curve

Hello, good to see ya!

I don't know if I've mentioned it but I finally received my Black Cat Lynx Cutter a couple of weeks ago. I've been sitting on it a bit, because I knew I'd need some time to figure this baby out.

There is a bit of a learning curve, but I can already tell that I prefer the Lynx to the Cricut. In addition to cutting, it can write, engrave and emboss!! Talk about versatile! I love that.

So, here's one of my first cuts, and words with the Lynx:
I adjusted the knife blade depth (force) to 68 and the speed (velocity) at 350 to get a nice clean cut. I'm happy with the results.
For the pen, I adjusted the speed (velocity) to 100, and the pressure (force) back to 50. I'm not sure these settings are optimal yet, but it seemed to work okay. As you can see...I'm 'Learning!'

In addition to the free Digital Stamps I bring you, I'm hoping to eventually also have some Cut Files available that will work with SCAL and MTC sometime in the future. In the mean time, I want to mention this:

*If you currently own a Cricut and are using your machine with SCAL or MTC - here's a word to the wise...DO NOT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE as is recommended...your machine will no longer work with anything but Cricut cartridges if you do.

I have a Ridgeview class coming up soon. (I was planning on teaching classes all summer, but after I got bit in the face by a German Shepherd, I decided I needed some time to heal). I`m hoping to use my Lynx to make a pop up card with them, and will post it here when I do.

BTW, it's healing, but I definitely have a scar. Make up IS my friend! Lol...

Have a good weekend everyone!

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