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Jul 19, 2011

Marriage and Sewing Freebies

I'm back! I've had lots of company, and then been away in Port Hardy, B.C. which all amounted to about the last 6 days. So I just haven't had an opportunity to post anything here for that time. Today I have some news for you, and some images for your projects. Hopefully they'll make up for being MIA.

First my HAPPY news!
My son Darren is officially engaged to his girlfriend Angela! He proposed to her in Port Hardy! So congratulations Darren and Angela! May you be blessed with a long and happy marriage, and may your "hoose" be blessed!  Love ya longtime!! :)
*Happy Dance*

Now for the images:

When two people get married, it can be symbolized by two pieces of fabric coming together to be made into one. First we need something to attach the two. This old sewing machine is like a marital contract. It's solid, well designed, and binding.

To keep a marriage together, we need love. We'll use these spools of thread to symbolize a love that binds the fabric of our lives together.

Eventually your love will get tested because things don't always go smoothly; which only proves that marriages are hard work that require nothing less than unconditional love.

Even so, love can feel like it's coming unraveled, and we need something to hold things together so that we can work it out. These pins symbolize forgiveness....because marriages require a lot of stubborn forgiveness without which marriages often fall apart.

It helps to look at all issues from not just yours, but your mates point of view as well! This requires tenderheartedness - worth its weight in gold!
Now that you are 'two as one' instead of just one, you may inevitably find yourselves having to give some things up. For this we'll need compromise, understanding, and the ability to put someone else before ourselves. It means cutting something out of our lives that is no longer appropriate, desirable or necessary. This might hurt a bit, but when done right it's usually worth it!

We know that no marriage is perfect, and no one is perfect; not your mate, not even you. When we are dealing with a difficult issue, we need to realize and accept the covering of God's grace and mercy until we're ready to extend it to our mate - that covering is symbolized by this thimble.
Obviously marriage is so much more than all of that, but I thought I'd have a little fun today.

What helps make a marriage work? 
An unconditional love that binds
Stubborn forgiveness
Seeing things from both points of view
Putting each other first
Gods grace and mercy to cover you and your marriage.
If you can do this, it will enrich your marriage and make it fun, full and rewarding!

Hopefully this will make up for my absence! Sure hope these will come in handy!


  1. What a wonderful way of illustrating marriage, Carmen! I hope your son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law love your creative weaving of truth through this post as much as I did. Congrats, again! (And a little MIA time is good for you....)

  2. COngratulations to your son and his future bride. Thank you so much for the wonderful sewing illustrations. And for the sweet words on marriage.

  3. Thank you so much for these wonderful images!

  4. Thank you very much for sharing all of these wonderful vintage sewing images! I really enjoyed reading your post and offer my congratulations to you on your happy news! May God bless them both!!

  5. Love your sewing words on marriage! Perfect example.

    Thank you for the sewing images.

  6. Thank you for the sewing graphics.

  7. Congrats for your son's engagement!!!
    Thanks for sharing this images :)

  8. Thank you, and congratulations to your son and his fiancee x

  9. What awesome images, and what a fantastic post! Blessings and congratulations to your family, and to Darren and Angela as they begin a new life together! Loved Port Hardy and BC... my fave place in the world!

  10. Congratulations to Darren and Angela and I loved the words on marriage, beautifully written.

  11. Congratulations to your son and his bride to be and thank you for the great images. Pippa

  12. Wonderful images, just what I have been looking for. Thank you so much.

  13. First congrats on the news of your son's engagement. Second, thanks for sewing it and tying together with thoughts of making a marriage work.

  14. Awesome! Congrats to the happy couple! May God richly bless their marriage! Thx for the amazing images! love them! :)

  15. Congratulations on your son's engagement.Thank you for the printables.I have a question is it ok to use your marriage and sewing devotional? I thought that was a very good analogy.

  16. These sewing images are fabulous! I was looking for something like this, thank you!

  17. Thank you all for your comments! So glad some of you liked the analogy as well. Th4eachday, if you'd like to use the analogy that's just fine. All I ask is that if you use it on a blog, you'll include a link to this blog. Thanks for asking, and thanks for liking it that much! :)

  18. Thank you for the pictures and your 'What helps a marriage work?'

  19. big congrats to the happy couple.

    thank you so much for these awesome images!

    hugs :)

  20. Congratulations to Darren and Angela. And to you for gaining a new daughter.
    I love all of your sewing analogies, along with the freebies.
    Blessings on you and yours,

  21. Congrats on your son's engagement!!! How exciting for all of you.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts on marriage to go along with the sewing images. Both are wonderful! Hugs!!!

  22. Best wishes to the newly betrothed! Thank you for sharing your joy and digis. jane

  23. Hi Carmen, great news indeed! Congrats to the young couple and I wish them a happy life together.

    Thanks for your gorgeous digi's: I love them.
    Hugs Yolanda

  24. Wishing your son and future daughter-in-law a long and happy life together!! And to think, in Port Hardy!! Missed you when you were here, do hope to see you again.

  25. Just found this on your site. Wish I had seen it last week since I just made a wedding card. In fact the groom is Darren! This is so well put and such good words of advice. The couple is fortunate to have you to guide them. Hope you don't mind if I save these images for future wedding cards. Hugs


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