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Jun 8, 2011

Oh, Those Old Ads!

I get a kick out of old ads! They seem so funny now. This first one made me giggle a little:

Some things never change, eh? I mean, who doesn't want a miracle fat loss pill that's purely vegetable and perfectly harmless? I guess they lost the secret recipe somewhere along the way.

Feeling a bit sick, or getting plugged up? Well, you need some Ozone Paper--of course!!

As you can see, I was feeling colorful when I played with those!

I'm assuming this next one is shampoo....I'm not too familiar with the term "dressing" for hair, but I guess they knew what it meant. Maybe it's a hair growth product? I love the Royal Testimonial - after all, if royalty says it works...

Here's the princess A La Cart:

I have more old ads, but this is all I have for you today. Hope you enjoy them!

Have a wonderful day!

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