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Jun 27, 2011

Bookatrix Card


Have any of you heard of a Bookatrix card? I'm not sure where they first started...I think maybe somewhere in Europe. Most of the ones I've seen have a lot of gold and silver paper in them and shiny stickers on them, and some of them are quite pretty!

To make them most people use a Bookatrix Board. This makes it nice and easy, but it's another large 'tool' to have around, and there's really only one thing you can do with it. So I made up my own pattern, then using carbon paper I made individual templates of each page.

I decided to use earthy tones in my card to see how it looked, although I like the glitzy elegant versions too. My husband says it's kind of oriental looking. I think the paper is Prima. Here's my card:

I don't know if any of you would be interested in making one, and it's not a perfect pattern (see fyi below), but I included it if you want to try. I actually used 5 of the templates and then added a red frame on two of them later.

All you need is some carbon paper to make the individual page templates. Or, if you'd rather buy the Board, that's an option too (check Karen's comment on this post for the website address).

I included the left and right side of the center 2 pages, but you really only need to copy them once and just flip the template over if you want to use it for the other side.
Also I straightened out the bottom of each page with a ruler before copying it. You could still use them the way they are, but I decided I liked them with a level bottom.

Quick instructions
Each page should fold down in the center and then roll out from the center - I used the tube from my wax paper.
The pages are then held up with double pop dots underneath, with double sided tape in the center fold and outer sides of the pages.
Embellish as you like. (Next time I'm going to use flowers and feathers)

If I'm speaking Greek to you, look for "Bookatrix cards" on Youtube...there may be some info you can use there.

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  1. Hi Carmen - lovely Bookatrix card. This originated in the UK by two ladies called "The Glitter Girls" who frequently appear on Create & Craft TV (part of Ideal World). Their website is http://www.theglittergirls.co.uk/bookatrix.html. They have brought out numerous embossing boards over here in the UK which are very popular. Their website provides lots of samples to wet your appetite!!

  2. Hi Carmen - after my last post on the Bookatrix board I thought I'd let you know that there are a new set of dies on the market by Go Kreate called Bookish and allow you to achieve these types of cards without the fuss of cutting out by hand. I've just made a wedding card using them and if you want to look here is the link:
    Hugs xxx


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