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Apr 11, 2011

Some Vintage Graphics

Graham and I took a nice long drive the other day. It is such an enjoyable time - just us and the road and no interruptions! Heaven!! When we go for a long drive, we inevitably seem to land at second hand or antique stores, and that day was no different!

Graham found some nice old silver coins to buy, and I found an old magazine dated 1897. What a hoot! So over the next little while, I'll share some images out of that.

The Kamloops Symphony Orchestra has a used book sale every year. We always go to that. This year we picked up some really cool books. One was a relatively new Encyclopedia of B.C. with the wrap still around it. The other finds were an old map book, and an old bible. Both have some neat photos in them. Perhaps I'll share some of those too.

Anyway, here's a couple of images. They're in png format.
Bamboo bicycle anyone? How cute is she? While we're on the topic of bicycles, we don't want to leave the men out...

When was the last time......

.....you cycled down the road......
...next to a guy on a horse?

Well, maybe some of you, but that doesn't happen too often here. I love these old ads. There's lots more, so if you like this kind of thing, check back!

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