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Sep 12, 2010

Paper Bag Tutorial

 Good Morning!!

The other day I posted these on this blog:

Here is the tutorial so that you can make your own. These are quick and easy to make...so grab an old map, some newspaper, wrapping paper, or whatever your little heart desires--and follow along.

You will need: 

Paper  (15.5" X 8.25")
Heavy cardstock or chipboard  (2 pcs cut at 4.25 X 1" and 1 pc 4.25 X 3")
Glue or tape runner
Hole punch
Eyelets, Brads (optional)

Step 1: Cut your paper to 15.5" X 8.25" (This photo shows the front of the paper)

 (The paper in the photo is just folded up a bit...you could opt to lightly iron your map or newspaper before cutting. Also, if you are using newspaper, you will definitely want to double up on the paper!)

Step 2: Measure out your fold lines:  1.25" along the top and 2" along the bottom.

Then measure fold lines from left edge to 4.25" + 3" + 4.25" + 3". This will leave you with 0.5"

Fold the paper on the fold lines.

Step 3: Cut out two pieces of heavy cardstock or chipboard 4.25" X 1" and place them at the top of your paper in the 4.25" spaces. Glue them down.

These provide extra stability for the top edge of your bag. (This photo shows the back of your paper).

If you've used chipboard, check Step 8* now.

Step 4: Glue all along your 1.25" at the top of the bag and fold it to the inside (with the cardstock in between) as shown below.

Step 5: Glue all the way down the 0.5" fold at the far right of the paper. Bring the left side of your paper over to the .5" fold and affix them as shown below. This creates your bag shape.

This is what you should have now....

Step 6: Now turn your attention to the bottom part of the bag. Use your 2" fold to guide you and make the folds as if you are wrapping a gift. For this step I lay the bag down on its side to make the folds.

Here are a couple of photos to help you...the first one shows the bag upside down with the bottom showing.

I usually tape down the bottom of the bag first, and then fold the points into the center and glue them so that you end up with this...

 Just about done!

Step 7: Cut a 4.25" X 3" piece of cardstock or chipboard, glue one side and press it inside the bag to reinforce the bottom.

Step 8: Attach the ribbon. I used about 15" for each handle.

If you've used cardstock to reinforce the top, you can just use a one hole punch for the ribbon handles. Tie them on like that or use eyelets.

If you use brads, just cut a little slit in the ribbon and the top of the bag to make it easy for them to pass through the ribbon--there's no need for the hole punch.

*If you've used chipboard to reinforce the top band, it's best to make holes in it before glueing it down (unless you have a crop-a-dile). Then feel your way through the paper to make the corresponding holes in the paper.

I tied the ribbon on a little differently this time.

OK! You're done!! If you make one and you have a blog, I'd love to see it!! Just leave me a comment to let me know.

Hope the tutorial was easy to follow!

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