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Sep 14, 2010

Dressing for Dinner

I just love surfing around the net looking at different blogs and leaving comments. As I do this, I often come across merging trends and cute little items that pique my interest.

Recently on FB, a friend brought my attention to an apron company called Sugar Baby Aprons. Are these adorable, or what???

I am a fairly good seamstress, having worked for Rainbowear (a children's clothing company right here in Kamloop), but I have so much on the go right now, that I thought I'd try just a little one to begin with.

I fell in love with this fabric:

I don't know what it is about ruffles...but I love them. The idea behind these aprons is more as a fashion statement when visitors come for dinner, which gets removed before you're seated. Therefore I thought it completely appropriate to add some ruffles to my apron; like this:

This apron was such fun to make, and so easy! Simplicity has a pattern similar to this one if you want to make your own. I kind of did mine by trial and error once I got the ruffles down. It took about 1 1/2 metres of material with a bit left over.

This is my daughter in law, Amanda...who is being a really good sport!! She kind of outshines the apron, but I suppose that's okay (Love ya Mandy!).

See those cookies? She quickly whipped them up so we could photograph her holding them. Well, they came out of a bag, but she whipped them onto the cookie sheet! ;-p

Here's another shot:

I didn't photograph the back, which is just tied in a bow. Wouldn't these just be adorable as mother/daughter aprons? SO cute!

Oh, and check out this site as well...Apronista...I want to make that fabulously flirty apron on the first page. Adorable!!

Oh dear, I think I'm hooked.

Well, that's it for today! Thanks for popping by! Have a great day!



  1. I love it, Carmen! The ruffle makes it so stylish!! I could use an apron, I am a slob when I cook!


  2. You've added some lovely ladies as contributors since last I visited! How fun and what a cute apron. I love aprons :).


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