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Aug 30, 2010

In the Mood for...Soap!

Christmas is coming, and boy am I behind! But all that is going to change soon. Summer is almost over, and things will be getting back to normal in no time. I'm working on a few cards and albums, and I'll continue working on those--but lately I'm really in the mood for SOAP.

I just LOVE making soap!!

And the more unusual it is, the better!

So, I'm making a list and checking it twice, and oh my--I have some plans. Let's hope I can find all the supplies I need!

For the men in your lives: Some manly Beer Soap
Soothes dry skin and helps heal skin: Hemp Bar (don't worry, no THC here)
Who needs a washcloth? Felted Soap. Say what?
Moisturizing and softening: Goat's Milk Soap. Baa-a-a-a!
Wonderful scent, retains moisture and makes a nice hard bar: Honey Beeswax Soap
Rich in minerals, effective for skin disorders and helps lessen wrinkles, moisturizing : Dead Sea Mud Bar.

That's not all...I also want to play with some salts, bombs (relax, relax...they're only bath bombs!), and whatever else piques my interest as I'm puttering along. If I really feel creative, I may make up some gift packages for sale. If I do, I'll definitely do a giveaway closer to Christmas! So fun!!

Now, I live in Kamloops, so I have to go out of town to get supplies. I quite like road trips though, and...

Oh ya! I definitely feel a roadtrip coming up! =D

Until then, stay tuned! Here's a photo of my last batch of soap to whet your appetite. It's a wonderful oatmeal based skin care soap. Love it!

Look at those cute little bits of oatmeal in there. Yumm!

Warning: Please, don't eat the soap! :)

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely week!


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