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Jun 25, 2010

Ooh La La-vender....and more

Today I took my latest projects out of their molds and got them all cut up. Here's a better photo of the blue one showing the purples that are in there. Isn't it amazing what a little overhead lighting will do? LOL...

This soap is a mixture of Lavender, Orange and Patchouli Essential Oils. It smells OH SO Wonderful! This will make an absolutely amazing bar of soap.

Would you like to see it cut open? Well okay then, please scroll down....

------a little more.........

                            -------and just a little bit more........

TA-DA! Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful? From this angle she looks blue again, but trust me, there's purple in that loaf!

And here she is resting on the rack, waiting for her due date.....

Remember the other bar made with green tea that turned dark chocolate brown? Well, this is what she looks like now. The spots inside the bar are Lemongrass, making this a Green Tea and Lemongrass soap.

In addition to Lemongrass essential oil, there is also some Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lime Essential Oils in this bar...and it is HEA-VEN-LY!! I didn't realize I would love this combination so much!!

There's a bit of lemongrass on the top, just because I like to play.

Here are both the loafs cut into bars. Are they not lovely?

....And here's a birds eye view. You would not believe how wonderful my house smells right now! These soaps are great for the skin and made with only the finest oils. I am going to feel so soft and smell so great!

Now I have to let them sit 4 - 6 weeks and cure before they'll be ready for use. It'll be hard to wait!
I've already given 3 bars away to some family members.....hmmm.....maybe it would be smart to hide the rest?

I'm working on an Anniversary Card using Graphic 45's Le Romantique line of papers. So far it's coming along nicely...I'll probably post it on Sunday so that the recipients don't see it on the blog first!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a neat craft to get into, Carmen! The soaps are beautiful and I LOVE the smell of lavender!

    Would love to see more of your cards. I got a bit into that myself a while back and I need some inspiration!!

    Have a great weekend, my friend! :-)


  2. how cool! i had no idea soaps needed to cure after they were made.


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