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May 1, 2010

Homemade Princess Blooms

When I was 3 years old, my mother enrolled me in a ballet class at the school across from my grandmother's home. I was the youngest member of the team and all the other girls doted on me...like I was a little china doll!

In our year end production, I was the little princess. The part came with a huge throne to sit on. WooHoo!! During the first intermission, someone quickly came out and encouraged me to unfold my arms, hold my hands nicely, and quit thumping the throne with my heels-- but other than that my part went off without a hitch.

The pirouette at the end was the crowning glory of the production.
What? That's what they told me!

I told you that story because I was reminded of it while making some tulle flowers this afternoon. I think I'll call them "Princess blooms" or "Kiss the Toad Blooms"...you decide.

First I traced a cap onto white cardstock. The cap must be orange. Okay...just kidding. I have circle templates, but the cap was right there...:)

Then I took some 6" wide tulle and cut off approximately 18" to make my flower.

Starting in the middle of the circle, and using a hot glue gun (you can use glossy accents or fabric glue for this), I worked the tulle onto the cardstock using a twisting motion. I just used small dabs of hot glue as I went around placing the twisted tulle down.

I found it helped to tie a little knot at the end of the tulle and placing that in the middle of the circle to start...and then going from there.

Once I had the basic shape on the cardstock, I added a bit more tulle in the center and just glued it in place. I embellished it with some rhinestones, pearls, etc. You can add a second layer of tulle if you want a nice fluffy :looking bloom.

This second one, I also added a ruffle onto the back with hot glue.

You can use your second piece of cardstock to glue over the backside to finish it off nicely.

These were quick and fun to make. In fact, I think I might make some more and find some other embellies to add to them. In fact, I have some sparkly tulle in black...oh boy, oh boy!!

They would look good on a scrapbook page, but would also work well for the flower necklaces that are all the rage these days. Like what these artists have made and put on Etsy:

Fresh Metal

just to mention a few...there are lots more if you want to have a look.

You would want to use a fabric background though. They would also look adorable on a hairband for a little girl. The bigger the flower, the better! So CUTE!


Then there's bracelets, rings, flip flops...the sky really is the limit!

Okay, I really just want to go and play now!

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. i like the name princess flowers - those are so cute!

  2. The flower are so beautiful Carmen!! I love the story too, how sweet!!
    God bless you !!

  3. What a fun ballet story. And I love, love, love your flowers! I'm totally going to make them.

  4. thanks for the shout out! I actually tie a knot in the middle of the fabric, adds fullness and glue it onto firm fabric, faux leather for example! awesome. looks good!
    xo janean


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