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Mar 17, 2010

Money Gift Card

After making the tool belt card, I thought I'd try another card using the faux leather technique. There are so many times that we just don't know what to get our kids for a birthday, and when we have a hard time finding something, we sometimes end up giving them money. Next  time we do that, it may be in one of these little wallet money cards. 

I've made the faux leather cardstock look like ostrich skin leather. Two of the front corners have a metal decorative brad on them. I love those!! I put this in my etsy shop where the cover can be made to read whatever the buyer wants provided it fits in the space alotted.

It has a little bill fold, and some flat pockets for gift cards. It also has a little pocket for change...although you can't use it, it's just for show. Note the shinplasters in the wallet (25 cent bills). My husband likes to collect odd things like that. That 50 is not play money, it is our beautifully colorful money...and it's worth almost $50 U.S. (wink wink).I love the fact that our money is colored. Firstly because I love pretty things, and secondly because it's easier to tell them apart.


I hope you enjoyed this little item! I have a few other unique ideas for cards that I'm working on. I love the designing process and hunting down the items I'll need. 

Thanks again for visiting!  ;)


  1. This is an awesome idea, Carmen. I think you could even use a gift card in it!


  2. Amazing! I can't believe you made that! What a fabulous gift idea!

  3. Looks awesome Carmen! Uber talented you are.

  4. ooooo i love it!! im so going to try this!


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