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Dec 1, 2009

Miss Abbey's Jewel

Hello Everyone!

Today is a special day! Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you! Today is the day that I am featuring someone VERY special on this blog. She's a little 3 1/2 year old sweetheart named Abbey.

Meet Miss Abbey Grace (warning...cuteness ahead!)

Now isn't she just the sweetest thing in her flouncy skirt and all? Don't say I didn't warn you!

Anyway, I have a little story about Miss Abbey. You see, we have an aquarium that contains one very large violet jewel that Miss Abbey just loves.

One day she asked my husband if she could hold it. So he took it out of the water, cleaned it all up, and let her hold it.

If that large beaming smile was worth money, we would've been rich right there!

Then, while batting those big blue peepers (yes, even at that age), she asked him if she could keep it. My poor husband (who adores children), with all the strength he could muster, told her we couldn't possibly give it to her...it belonged with the fish!

With that, Miss Abbey bravely returned the big violet jewel to him. She was SO brave and so polite about it!

Sometime later we were in a fantastical magical place called "Michael's Arts and Crafts," when suddenly something pink and shiny caught our attention...we could hardly believe our eyes! ( :0 ) Lo and behold, right there in front of us was a shelf full of big, sparkly, colorful jewels ~ fresh from Magic Mountain!! We quickly grabbed the biggest, shiniest, most beautiful jewel we could find, and brought it home for Miss Abbey.

However, now we had a problem. We needed to find the perfect box to hold Miss Abbey's beautiful pink jewel...but this was the only one I could find:

Oh dear! :(

I put it on the table, and every time I walked by it I would stop, look, and shake my head.

What to do?

Then suddenly, one day out of the blue some inspiration hit me! I don't know where from...and my head was a little sore, but right there in front of me the box was transformed into a blue glittery package ~ PERFECT for holding a big, shiny, beautiful jewel.

Here are some photos of the transformed box:

Even Tinkerbell flew on top of it, sprayed some fairy dust, and left a beautiful blue BUTTERFLY!!

So there you go Miss Abbey Grace! Come and get it at Uncle Chris's birthday on the 9th. It's waiting for you with lots of hugs and kisses!!

Thanks for visiting everyone! I hope you enjoyed our little story about Abbey's Jewel!


  1. That is just the cutest Carmen....adorable story, and beautiful transformation of the jewel box......lovely:)))

  2. This is so sweet! What a beautiful story, precious little girl, and beautiful gift you have made!


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