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Nov 24, 2009

Corner Bookmark Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

I've had a couple of people here and a few local friends ask how to make the corner bookmark from my last post, so what follows is my first video tutorial!!

As with anything, the first time is usually the time you get to see all you did wrong, but because it was a big ordeal...you just post it anyway. LOL. Yes, I'm already learning a few things.

1) Don't zoom in too far...
2) Make sure your audience can actually see what you're doing...

I can think of a couple of others, but let's get on with it. Here it is...

I hope I've shown you clearly enough. Enjoy making these little gems!!


  1. Good for you, Carmen! I'm going to delete that other tutorial from my bookmarked list and put this one on instead. I love the unique designs! Thanks so much for sharing all these different styles....especially that Christmas glitter--love it!

  2. Yay! Now I need to try it. If it turns out cute, I'll post about it and link to you :).

  3. Wow, thanks Beth! I hope it turns out well for you!

  4. Wow, Carmen, that's really neat! Thanks for showing us that....I will give it a try:)))

  5. Hello Carmen, thank you for this - Izzy actually showed me how to make this - I guess you taught her when she was visiting. I would love to know how to be added to your right side posts - I sell Close To My Heart products - you can see my website at www.sherrywhite.myctmh.com if you are interested - and thanks again - especially loved the photo holders - Sherry White

  6. Very nice touch adding music to this Carmen :)


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