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Feb 6, 2009

Kai's Diaper Cake

The last few months have been pretty exciting with our first grandson around. Last weekend we held a baby shower for Mom, Dad and baby - so I made a Diaper Cake! Notice the NHL baby booties and the finger puppets, etc. I first saw this idea on Youtube.com, which has several versions of a diaper cake and how to make it. I would love to make these as a business, but they’re actually quite expensive to put together. The finished product ranges in price from $35 to $300 and up, retail.

I also made a money tree. This was specifically for my son's work buddies, who would want to avoid being seen in the baby section and would have no clue what to get if they were brave and did venture into one.

Since my son and his wife are HUGE hockey fans, I made the money tree out of mini hockey sticks. The photos show the unfinished item. When completed, it had leaves, and there was tissue paper and various change in the bottom. Sorry I forgot to get a photo of it completed, but you can at least get the just of it...

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