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May 30, 2016

2016 HRV Honda Lemon. Who Cares? Not Honda!


Unfortunately today's post is not a happy post, but one that is of concern to all of us who drive a vehicle. In this case it is a Honda, purchased at Honda Kamloops, by my son. He purchased a 2016 HRV about a week into April. Two weeks from purchase it literally fell apart inwardly while on the road doing around 40 km/hr,  tossing him around violently. It had to be flatbedded back to Kamloops. Two major repair incidents later, and today a third incident in which they refused to provide a rental until someone from Honda Canada could diagnose it,  making him drive the 45 minutes on the highway home, totally placing his life at risk. Below is a follow up of his Facebook post, which is almost at 2000 shares. 

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2 weeks and 1000 km later this #HRV almost kills me while driving down the road due to a failed part. Now Honda Canada won't replace the vehicle, they will only repair it. Haven't even made a single payment and there is already thousands of dollars in damage on title. There is no way I am putting my 6 month old daughter in this vehicle again. #itsyoursnowhonda


Honda Canada Just called and basically told me they are under no legal obligation to replace my vehicle. He acted as if my concerns for my family's safety were unjust. He also didn't care about the value of my brand new vehicle plummeting due to the damages on title two weeks after buying it. The time has come to contact a lawyer and do this the hard way. This is the last vehicle I will ever purchase from Kamloops Honda and it is the last vehicle I will purchase from Honda in general. For the record Honda Canada, this is the fourth Honda I have owned, but never again will I own one. When you don't care about the safety of others, you shouldn't be in an industry that requires it!!!! CBC News CBC Vancouver CFJC Today Kamloops CFJC-TV Global News Global BC CTV News CBC News: Marketplace CBC Radio Consumer Protection BC Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan Kamloops This Week


Kamloops Honda Confirmed that Honda Canada's manufacturing plant "forgot" to tighten a bunch of bolts on my 2016 #HRV. This is what caused the major mechanical failure in my brand new vehicle. Honda Canada's justification during this last call for not replacing my vehicle was, and I quote, "how do you know that your replacement vehicle you want us to give you won't have the same problem with the loose bolts". REALLY?!?!?!? Honda Canada that is your way of justifying not replacing this vehicle??? That the NEW one might have the same problem? I sure hope that your manufacturing standards and quality control are higher than that! This is why I will never own another Honda vehicle. 

Please Share this post so everyone knows that Honda Canada doesn't care about the safety of anyone, they only want your money.

I know I posted a final update, but unfortunately the saga continues! :(


Honda Canada is saying it is Kamloops Honda's responsibility to make me whole, but Kamloops Honda is saying the opposite.

Anyways, all that aside for 2 minutes just to update everyone. The HRV is back into Kamloops Honda for yet another mechanical failure. I was originally told that the new transfer case that they put in was broken already, but I have now been told that this is the first time that the transfer case has been replaced. This vehicle is a month old and Honda Canada and Kamloops Honda both do not care that it has had two major mechanical failures resulting in a loss of use that totals 2 weeks!!!! This is actually getting to the ridiculous stage and I hope my experience is a major eye opener for everybody. Government of British Columbia or the Canadian government need to do something to protect consumers in this kind of case. I had a meeting with the Kamloops Honda owner, but they seem to down play the whole situation. 

Please be careful out there everyone and thanks to all of those that are sharing this story.

Much Love.

As unbelievable as this sounds, my HRV is heading back into Kamloops for a third warranty repair. This time the vehicle is shaking at highway speeds and periodically won't start. I am overly discouraged at this point...

Canada has no lemon laws and will only deal with issues like this through an Arbitration Board. We have a lawyer who has asked to take on the case and believes it could be a class action law suit. We are considering that. So if you've bought a new Honda, and especially if your VIN# begins with a 3 (identifying it as made in Mexico), and you are having problems with it, feel free to private message me with your name.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post. I will link the FACEBOOK post again:




  1. This is horrible Carmen. I got your email about it and posted it to my facebook page. Please keep me updated as to what is going on with this situation. I live in the states and see it happening here too. We are having the problem of flooding in the lower south states, including Texas where I live, and dealerships buying flooded cars and drying them out and finally reselling them. The problem is they work for awhile and then seage up and you're stuck.

    1. Oh wow!! That's just horrible!! There's no real service or care anymore, and that's outrageous!! Thank you so much for sharing the Facebook post! We truly appreciate it so much!!

  2. Isn't there a TV station that will take this issue on to shame the dealer into making this right? Do you have a Better Business Board you can take this to? This whole issue is unbelievable! Especially since Honda admitted it was their fault. I'd make signs and march in front of the dealership until they make it right.

    1. Hi Linda, he has gone to the BBB, and he has applied to the arbitration board who is looking into this right now. It's definitely frustrating. Honda knows they're in the wrong and is trying to get him to settle- for less, but after this last stunt where they refused to take the vehicle, he is in it for the long haul!

  3. This is incredible Carmen! I can't believe that Honda are being so ridiculous in their dealing with a dangerous issue! I hope your son gets this resolved - and quickly!
    He should definitely think about taking his story to the newspapers/tv, it seems that's the only way these firms listen - when the media are involved.

    1. It's very discouraging! They've been anything but co-operative, but he has a pretty solid case.

    2. I wonder how many others are in the same situation? I always thought Honda were a good company, guess I was wrong!

  4. Wow---I hope it turns out well.


Thanks for the comments!